What are BOM’s ?

Bill of materials are and integral part of all fabricators and manufacturers businesses. Typically these consist of a combination of raw materials and other components and consumables which together with your labour production processes contribute to the costs associated with the manufacturing of parts and assemblies.

BOM problem!

For some, the BOM’s, are a small part of their manufacturing process and therefore not critical to automate. For others, especially custom machine fabricators and other engineering related componentry BOM’s are the bulk of the cost associated with manufacturing.
It is not unusual for a fabricator to build an assembly consisting of hundreds even thousands of BOM’s. It is in this case where software automation is needed, and it potentially brings a tremendous benefit to the efficiency and costs related to the manufacturing of such a component.

Automate BOM solution!

RanFab’s latest version introduces this level of automation for BOM where our ERP software will predict and calculate based on demand the needs for your inventory of materials and consumables, followed by automatic allocation of inventory against BOM jobs. The automation does not stop there if the stock is found to be insufficient or not existing RanFab will create purchase orders for your suppliers based on your preferences. When the ordered goods are received the built-in automation will kick in once more, and inventory items are automatically created and allocated to jobs independent of operator interference.

The video below displays an example of the BOM job automation.