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RanFab issue with the Xero integration

We are aware that the integration with Xero has stopped working. It has happened due to changes applied to the API, specifically to do with TLS and SSL which were not announced prior to implementation. We are actively working towards a fix. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we hope to have this working shortly.

1 December 2020|

RanFab 4.4.2 release and update for cloud version

We have released a maintenance version to 4.4.2. This is a result of Xero forcing updates to API V2 for all clients. Note that as of this version you will need to update your connection to this API to continue using the Xero integration. If you require assistance with this process please feel free to book a [...]

1 September 2020|

RanFab 4.4.1 release

We have released a maintenance version to 4.4, which addresses the issue with the pop-over windows closing when the form is saved.

16 January 2020|

RanFab 4.4 changelog

.The following is partly the change-log for the RanFab release version 4.4 .Add Query for partial deliveries without a packing slip .Add Query that shows quotes coming from CutQuote .Add Notes attribute to CutQuoteRequestItem .Add requests with errors to the screen "work in progress" for CustomerCQ .Add Required By Date to quotes from CutQuote .Add RanFab data [...]

13 December 2019|

RanFab 4.3 changelog

Estimated job time formatting The estimated job time was updated to feature two decimals for profile cutting and secondary operations Attachments for customer order fix The cloud version had a bug preventing attachments in Orders. This is now fixed. Schedule update The scheduling algorithm has been updated to ignore machines or workstations which are missing time slots [...]

15 May 2018|

RanFab 4.2 released

RanFab 4.2 and the new CAD importer are now available for download. You can find a brief on the changes in this version here. Your current licence key remains valid.

3 June 2017|

RanFab Cloud Update

Great news RanFab Cloud users. This Friday the 2nd of June 2017 around 7 pm GMT+0 we will update the service to the latest version. Below is a brief list of the new features: Importing of CAD files with really long file names is now handled. Restriction added for deleting of parts. Used parts cannot be deleted [...]

1 June 2017|

Holiday Message

A new holiday season is upon us. We have enjoyed a very prosperous 2016 and we are grateful to all our clients and suppliers. We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year! Our offices will be closed between the 16th December till the 24th of January. The support portal will be [...]

15 December 2016|

Incoming email for cloud version

Recently we have experienced a serious issue with one of our servers hosting some of our cloud user accounts. Despite our best intentions in instructing our clients on the best practice in setting up the incoming email settings, some have ignored these instructions and have allowed unscrutinised email messages to be downloaded and stored on our servers. [...]

15 December 2016|
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