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Michael D


Even though we are a very small business the benefits are great. It’s hard to imagine how we found the time before we ran with RanFab!

David B


I find RanFab very useful. It greatly reduces the time needed to produce quotations and keeps things much more organised. RanFab, is helping my business a great deal!

Scott G


Since using RanFab we have been able to streamline our procedures from quotation to a finished product which has been a great help to our company. Being able to work with the RanFab support team has been extremely helpful.

Jarri Zaidi


Idronic’s RanFab being a cloud-based software solution did not trouble us in implementation at all and with the online customer support it makes it even more smooth of a process.

Michael C


Due to company’s expansion, there was a need of a promising ERP software package that could later be integrated with most modern shape nesting softwares for our profile cutting business. RanFab was the answer for us.

Derek M


This software package has enabled us to operate 5 laser cutting machines and one CNC folder on a 24/7 schedule with only a staff of 5 in our office.Idronic’s business model benefits all aspects of our operation allowing us to maintain our industry leader role.

Josh M – Academy SheetMetal


Excellent customer service, fast response time. Very helpful.

Rochelle D – Hunter Lasertek


RanFab has contributed to an impressive time saving in our office. It is absolutely essential now to our daily tasks.

Shane C


Deciding whether to keep our existing ERP system or replace it with a new one was difficult. Idronic LaserQuote has deep ERP knowledge and provided structure, objectivity and clarity of thought to help us to arrive at the right decision. Highly recommended!

Lachlan B – Lismore Engineering


Idronic’s great service and RanFab which is a great product has had a positive impact on our business, thank you.

Chris M

Director M-Profiling

Our company is only in the initial stages of working with RanFab but so far I have been very impressed with the system itself and in particular the Idronic team. The direct support we have had during the implementation has been great and very professional.


RanFab is the easiest ERP solution to implement  !

We have compared our standard implementation times with most known competitors and we win by a large margin.
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