Full Preference Control

Accuracy and relevance are only as good as the system allows the user to emulate the reality of your business. RanFab delivers.


Operate under your own rules

Everything that contributes to the outcome of your costing structure is under your control. Apply any limitations, restrictions and values that define your own business break-even costs and profitability. With RanFab you can have a different costing strategy for each customer. Full flexibility in quotes, production, purchasing and accounts.


Financial Preferences

Define your own Tax Rate, currency , and Tax Name. Assign a global target net profit to be applied to all new customers.

Email Preferences

Define both incoming and outgoing settings for your email integration. RanFab will send emails from your own domain.

Company Preferences

Define default values for your company details and logos which will automatically populate all printed documents.

Production Processes

Create any type and number of production processes. Define default values for setup times and costs and individual break even points.

Profile Cutting

Each cutting process can feature its own cutting speeds, peircing time for each material combination. Complex nesting options are available.

Access Levels

Multiple access levels for your staff. Control what your staff can access and interact with. Audit trail every click and action.


RanFab will increase your profitability !

Studied across many installs over the years, we confidently suggest a minimum of 15% increase in profitability due to RanFab’s methodology.
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