Stock & Products

Control inventory for any type of goods. From raw materials to spare parts, consumables, customer supplied materials, consignment stock or your own manufactured products.



Logical integration of inventory control for purchased raw materials, spare parts and consumables. RanFab allows also full inventory workflow for Kanban and build to stock fabricated products.

Inventory Dash

Raw Materials

Create any type of raw material to suit your business. No naming conventions allowing for complete freedom.

Weight Calculations

RanFab calculates the weights of your raw material products using your own defined material densities. Part weights are also calculated.

Multiple Products

Create unlimited products variations from multiple suppliers for each type of material or spare part. RanFab will allow for easy picking of best option.


Add any time of spare part or consumable for either resale or to be used in the fabrication of parts and assemblies via BOM takeoffs.

Audit Trail

RanFab maintains a full history of all stock movement for raw materials and spare parts. Each user action is recorded in great detail.


RanFab automates many aspects of stock control and provides tools to enable seamless materials workflow throughout your shop floor.


Inventory control should be seamless!

We understand that you need to focus on money making activities which is why we have automated most of the inventory module.
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